The Globe’s Point – Registration frustration


Written By Editorial Board

Registration is descending upon us. But isn’t it a little too early for those words to be uttered? The edges have hardly been smoothed on issues students have with their current schedules, and we are already jumping into the next.

We have just barely adjusted to our new schedules, and adding the Hunger Games-like process of registration only a few weeks in throws a blanket of panic across campus.

Miscommunication seems to be the overarching theme every time we face building a new schedule. With two to three advisors, students are often unsure of who to reach out to when they are facing problems.

When building a schedule, students would like more involved asssistance, instead of receiving an automated email telling them to schedule an appointment – with the nearest date available being a week after registration.

Class descriptions are absent, making it difficult to build a holistic workload that will be manageable.

When students are finally squeezed into a meeting with their advisor, they are usually rushed through the allotted 15 minutes and have to come up with a plan on their own with a course book and a prayer.

Spring- and fall-only classes are frustrating details that aren’t communicated clearly to students across the board, putting seniors in tight spots of trying to plan ahead even further.

We understand our advisors are busy and stretched out among the student body, but we pay too hefty of a price to be neglected when planning our collegiate careers, adding a level of unnecessary stress.

If advisors can’t handle the sheer number of advisees, the university should take the extra steps in accommodating the ones left behind by offering additional resources and should make PointWeb more manageable and explanatory for those trying to do it on their own.