A dog person and a cat person walk into a bar…

The argument is as old as time, but cats vs dogs still plagues the country


Written By Allison Schubert and Emily Yurchison

In a world full of divides in beliefs, we have curated two arguments for the most demanding and popular disagreement  to date – dogs vs. cats.

Allison Schubert, Co-Features Editor at The Globe and sophomore broadcast major, and junior multimedia major Emily Yurchison weigh in.

FOR DOGS: Allison Schubert

Dogs versus cats. The argument is as old as time itself, but usually people will answer without any evidence to support their stance.

Then there are those who think that they lie somewhere in the middle, as if being both a dog person and a cat person is not blasphemous.

If you’re one of the “both of them are great!” people, let me help you clear it up: cats are great and everything, but dogs are simply better.

Dogs are smarter. Both cats and dogs are used as therapy or emotional support animals, but have you ever seen a seeing-eye cat? Other than that being a simply ridiculous concept, the reason for that is because they don’t possess the brain capacity to learn how to be one.

Now I’m not saying cats aren’t smart. Cats can wander as far away from their homes as they want and return whenever, so that’s cool. They just aren’t as smart as dogs.

The extensive variety in breeds allows for more people to enjoy them because there is one out there for everybody. Like wrinkly dogs? Get a Shar Pei. Like curly dogs? Get a Goldendoodle. Allergic to dogs? Get a hypoallergenic one, like a Wheaten Terrier. I could go on, but you get the point.

Dogs have more personality. Cats are very lazy, and their personalities reflect that. They eat, disappear, reappear, sleep, demand attention for a few minutes, repeat. Dogs are ever-changing, especially when they are just baby pups.

Dogs have a way of communicating with humans that not even I will ever understand, but it’s their human-like qualities that make them so superior to other pets. Those who have never owned a dog can’t relate to that form of communication, and that’s why I think cat people are so closed-minded to the idea of dogs being superior.

Like any argument, there are exceptions. Of course, not all cats are like the stereotypes that I used in my argument, and not all dogs are like that either. There are good cats and there are bad dogs.

No matter your preference, I will always stand by the fact that dogs will eternally be superior to cats.

FOR CATS: Emily Yurchison

I will not stand by while people spread slander about cats. I’m not saying cats are better or dogs are better. That’s simply not a fair statement. I am simply arguing that we end this absurd, drawn out debate. It has gone on long enough.

This madness needs to end. I will not stand for people telling me my love for cats is wrong, and further, I will not stand for people telling me I’m wrong for loving both cats and dogs. Realistically, we should change our mindset and meet somewhere in the middle. I don’t care if you personally don’t like cats, but I will not sit idly by while people tell me my opinion is wrong because we have seeing-eye dogs and not seeing-eye cats, or that cats just aren’t as smart as dogs.

Let’s face it, all animals are smarter than people. All animals are beautiful, complex and, frankly, adorable. All animals deserve respect, especially because they can’t stand up for themselves. I am speaking up not only for cat lovers, but also for cats and domesticated pet moderates. Since when are we not allowed to like more than one animal? Love for animals should not, or ever be, mutually exclusive.

Let’s get historical; Abraham Lincoln, arguably one of America’s finest presidents, had quite the soft spot for his pet cats, Tabby and Dixie. He reportedly once said, “Dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet! And furthermore she doesn’t talk back!” In closing, George Washington didn’t want partisanship in his blueprint of America, and I’m sure he also didn’t want partisanship in his household pets.

Please, for me, and for animal lovers across the globe, end this madness. Respect all animals, respect all opinions and more importantly, respect one another.