Sex offender arrested on campus pleads guilty


Photo by Nicole Pampena

Sketch of Banks standing before Judge Jill E. Rangos Thursday morning

Written By Nikole Kost, News Photo Editor

A registered sex offender that was arrested in Lawrence Hall last year plead guilty this morning to resisting arrest and trespassing.

Judge Jill E. Rangos of Allegheny County Criminal Courts of Common Pleas sentenced Banks to one year of probation, completion of his GED, and have no contact with Point Park University and its property for no further punishment.

On Sept. 7, 2017, police approached Delbert Banks, 36 of Knoxville, in the George Rowland White dance studio on reports of suspicion, which led to an altercation resulting in Banks fleeing. Police tasered Banks, who then took off his shirt to remove the taser. Banks ran outside through the stairwell setting off the emergency alarm, afterwards running into traffic where he was eventually arrested on the sidewalk on Boulevard of the Allies.

According to police, Banks was in possession of a knife and a marijuana cigarette during the arrest.

“I actually live on that block, I’ve seen the building before, but there is a sign that says only students are allowed,” Public Defender Andrew Howard said during the trial.

Banks served two weeks in the Allegheny County Jail before posting bond.

During Thursday’s trial, Banks said that his education only reaches 10th grade but he has recently began taking culinary and business classes at the Community College of Allegheny County.

Howard also mentioned that Banks’ fiance is currently pregnant and is heading to a doctor’s appointment after the trial.

Rangos described Bank’s behavior as a “minor incident.”

“I hope as a father in the near future you will put this all behind you,” Rangos said.