Kearns sets new agenda

Written By Mick Stinelli, Co-News Editor

In the first United Student Government (USG) meeting of the academic year, President Kaylee Kearns ushered in the new semester in hopes of increasing communication between USG and the student body.

“I’m hoping to get out to more events and get more facetime,” Kearns said, hoping to open up office hours so that students could communicate with USG officers as easily as possible.

The meeting also included the election of Megan Ortego as President Pro-Tempore. In a short pitch, Senator Ortego cited her work in changing library hours and listening to student concerns. She said she wanted to bridge the gap between USG and the students.

Students are now able to enter the USG Special Election, which allows freshmen to run for USG candidacy. Voting will occur from Sept. 12 to Sept. 14. President Kearns has opened up the election to all students other than freshmen.

“Pay attention. Get involved,” Kearns said.

Applications are due Sept. 7 at noon, and should be delivered to Charlene Cusick in the Office of Student Affairs.