The Globe’s Point – Back and better than ever


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Arriving on campus this semester, there are undoubtedly some changes we can’t ignore.

COPA students have a new home in the Playhouse – a giant endeavor that took years to unveil.

Caffeine addicts can rejoice in their new home at the old 100 Wood stomping grounds, with a name that sounds like a dad trying to pronounce our university through a thick Pittsburghese accent.

And we here at The Globe (and our friends at WPPJ) have finally moved out of our Lawrence Hall closets into the sun. Yes, it’s going to take us awhile to get used to the occasional passersby ogling us through the new shiny glass.

All of these new locations are long overdue for our growing campus community. It’s hard this year for us to not be proud of our expanding home.

The fall semester is always the most refreshing, coming back to Downtown Pittsburgh after accomplishing amazing internships, traveling to new places and seeing
old friends.

We here at the paper are rejuvenated by all the eager fresh faces we see at the first pitch meeting of the year. We are inspired by the new talent that joins our ranks.

We couldn’t wait to reveal the content we have to share with you in this first issue. Our staff is only looking forward to growing into our new space, though we won’t forget the shenanigans that took place on the seventh floor of Lawrence Hall.

We’ve come back to you this year with a renewed sense of purpose and place on campus. We are all looking forward to whatever other changes this year will bring. With Perk-worthy coffee, new floors to tread on and maybe some blinds to help us adjust to the natural light, one thing remains constant.

Sharing our stories with you, week after week.