The Globe’s Point- Be present in your obligations

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

When we were in high school, our parents, teachers and mentors
encouraged us to go beyond academics – by joining clubs, playing sports, aiming to take leadership roles and maybe working  a part-time job on the weekends. 

All of these commitments (while keeping up the GPA, of course) made us feel comfortable once college application season rolled around.

When we make mistakes in high school, and that early in our lives, the consequences may not be so daunting. This truly is the optimum time to learn from mistakes and push to do better for the next time. It’s practice for balancing more responsibilities as an adult. 

On a college campus, you continue to refine that balancing act. By the time senior year hits, you’ve surely adjusted your high and low points to a wider spectrum. An assignment may have been submitted late because of a practice. But you also may have won that tough game alongside your teammates, able to revel in the achievement

You’ve reached the point where people depend on you in those clubs, sports and careers.

Being present in the commitments you make is an essential part of success. It’s better to commit to less activities where you can give your all than to take on too many and fall short across the board. 

College is a time to hone your focus. Employers might care less if your name is on ten rosters, but care if you’ve accomplished goals in those organizations. If you can take on a leadership role in one organization, but can only sit in on meetings for another – that’s okay.

No one is going to look down on you for only taking part in a few things you want to really put extra time into. Or at least, they shouldn’t.

Making promises that can’t be kept is when problems arise. 

Become an expert in a few projects of passion, not a jack of all trades.