The Globe’s Point – Journalism is not a science

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

How many times have School of Communication students heard the phrase “industry standard” or “this is how it’s done in the field?”

Probably quite a few by a number of professionals. But is there really an “industry standard” for everything?

Journalism isn’t a set equation. Having a solid, unique voice is just as important as following rigid rules.

A Wall Street Journal lead may get you a gleaming review from one professor and a failing grade for “being overused” by another. The media internship you had over the summer may have pointed you to social media for story ideas, where the professor you have this fall says that’s not the way to do it.

As evolving journalists, we can’t please everyone. We can’t spit out stories with a formula like a computer. And as journalists who are on the verge of entering the “real world,” we need to develop our own voice that stands out from the

What we’ve tried to utilize here at The Globe is a sense of understanding. Our professors have certainly given us a variety of styles to develop into our own and methods to add to our “toolbox.”

As we enter the world of media upon graduation, it’s time to choose what to exemplify the most from our education to employers and readers.

There is more than one way a story can be presented to you, our audience. And we do our best to allow the colorful array of voices to amplify the truth for your reading

After all, journalists are human beings, not an algorithm-filled machine. In an age of hiding behind cell phones and Facebook timelines, society seems to forget that.

Journalists aren’t pious people on pedestals. We are your classmates, your friends and your neighbors. We are here to do our civic duty to present the truth to you all, not to lull you into oblivion or trick you with a hidden agenda.

We strive to be honest, always. We want to present our work to you in a personal way. We hope to build up our community, together.

And we hope you’ll join us in the good fight.