America’s educators are struggling


Written By Shannon Hartnett, Copy Editor

Have you ever accidentally called your teacher mom? Oh, the humanity! In your horror, have you ever asked yourself, why in the world did I just
do that? 

I would guarantee that most of us have been there. And if you haven’t, then surely you’ve seen a classmate commit the embarrassing act. We can’t help it; we spend almost half of our childhood in school and become accustomed to teachers just always being there for us, kind of like how our mom is.

Teachers are entrusted with the important task of educating the upcoming generations. Beginning in preschool, kids learn the basics of coloring, sharing and spelling all thanks to teachers.

They provide their students with the skills they need for college and even for life itself. Most students going through their educational career have been impacted by a teacher in more ways than just academics.

Recently, Time Magazine published an article concerning the low salaries of teachers. Based on the stats presented in the article, these amazing teachers are not receiving enough to cover their monthly living wages. These people that give their lives for their cause – that of teaching the future of our country – are forced to find other alternatives to make ends meet.

Some resort to donating blood, picking up spare jobs or selling clothes, but when does it end? When will we start paying our educators for the work they do? It’s true some teachers are well off, but what about the ones that are not?

What about the teachers that live in neighborhoods that cannot spare the increase tax rates for teachers? Do we sit back and watch the community spiral further down? How can we even begin to help this situation? Could it start with finding a way to pay our educators more?

Everyone wants their children to have the best education possible. I know that someday, I will as well. But with the lack of funds given to our teachers, people may soon start to realize that jobs that only pay you for half your work are

The general atmosphere of education could change, because we may no longer have those bright and shining beacons of education guiding the youth of America towards the future.

Don’t be fooled. This is not because the teachers are fed up; it is simply because they can’t live without a steady income. Teachers are constantly going to work and investing endless amounts of their own time for a passion, only to come up short handed in their finances.

This is no way to treat all of the amazing men and women that have helped get us where we are today. I call for paying our teachers what they deserve.

We need to reverse this problem for our educators so that they can use their brilliant skills to help mold the future.   Not just for the well-being of the educators themselves, but also for the students who will one day lead our nation, and for the well-being of our great country.