Clubs buckle down for the Halloween season


Photo by Hattie Charney

Anime Club accumulated a variety of prizes for their Halloween Party.

Written By Hattie Charney, Co-Features Editor

Campus is gearing up for the Halloween season by hosting a variety of events in the upcoming week.

Halloween-related events will begin on Thursday, October 25 and end on Wednesday, Ocober 31. Not on My Campus and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) are each hosting an event on Thursday.

Not On My Campus is hosting its annual “A Costume is Not Consent” event. The event is focused around a photo campaign where students pose in costumes, demonstrating that simply a costume does not serve as proper consent. The event is being held in the Point Cafe hallway at 2 p.m.

CAB’s annual Halloween Dance is set to take place later that same night at Skybar on the South Side. Tickets are currently on sale; $5 for students, $7 at the door and $10 for guests. The dance will be held between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m.

CAB continues its Halloween events into the next day, Friday, October 26, with a Kennywood Fright Night event. Students are able to purchase tickets from CAB to attend Fright Night at Kennywood Park. Shuttles for the event will begin to leave at 6 p.m.

Students who want to stay on campus but still celebrate are able to attend Anime Club’s Halloween Party on October 26. The event will take place from 8 p.m. until 12 a.m. in the JVH

 Lindsey Weaver, junior creative writing major and president of the Anime Club, said that they wanted to hold a party that could be open and free to all

Weaver went on to say the party will be an event for people to come together to watch Halloween episodes of various anime shows while eating candy and pizza.

“Come have fun. We’ll have pizza; we’ll watch anime series,” Weaver said. “Then we’ll get into the trivia game on anime.”

Weaver said the grand prize for the game is a giant Pikachu plush doll. Dressing up in costumes is encouraged for the party, and Weaver said that members are dressing as anime characters, also known as

Weaver encourages all to attend no matter their level of interest in anime.

“Even if you don’t know anything about anime in general, you could still have fun,” Weaver said. “You could meet new people.”

Additionally, Pioneer Records is holding its own version of Fright Night in Village Park on October 27 from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Megan Clista, Director of Marketing for Pioneer Records, broke down the entertainment for the night.

“We will have the Red Eye-Ballers, who is actually Jonas Prida, a faculty member here so that should be fun.” Clista said. “Then we have the Impulse hip-hop team performing during the changeover.”

 Clista said other entertainment for the night will be performed by a couple of Pittsburgh natives.

“We are going to have Lyra perform, she is 15-years-old. She is just a local Pittsburgh musician,” Clista said. “Our headliner is the Ghost Club, and they are also just a local band.”

Food and drinks will be provided at the event. There will be a caramel apple station where the public can make their own caramel apples.

There will be a variety of contests where winners will receive prizes. The winners of the pumpkin pie eating contest will win Stage AE tickets. The winners of the costume contest get a chance to win Stage AE tickets to EDEN or AJR.

Pioneer Records will have various games such as a mystery box and a dart game as a way to fundraise during the event. They will also have a photo booth as well as a “guess how
many” jar.

Pioneer Records is partnering with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to open the event to not only Point Park students, but also for the public to enjoy Halloween festivities.

Two events are being held on the day of Halloween, October 31; The Decomposium and the Point Park University KPop Dance Club (KDC) Halloween Party.

The Honors Student Organization in conjunction with the Center for Media Innovation (CMI) is holding The Decomposium, a Halloween symposium, on October 31 from 2-5 p.m. in the CMI.

The Decomposium will showcase students as well as featuring a keynote at 2 p.m. by Steve Tolin of Tolin FX.

The KDC will be holding its debut event on Oct. 31, a Halloween party in Lawrence hall 200 beginning at 7:15 p.m.

Christiana Cates, freshman journalism major and President of the KDC, describes the event as a way for the club to get  its name out into the Point Park

“This is sort of like our debut showcase,” Cates said. “Usually when there’s KPop dance clubs apart of various schools, we have showcases to showcase our talent, dancing and singing, just anything dealing with Korean culture.”

Cates said she wanted to have the event in conjunction with Halloween so the event would feel less formal. Cates said the club will dance to a few songs and then they will be able to interact with the audience for the rest of the event.

“There will be a lot of talking and a lot of interacting with the audience,” Cates said. “Maybe we’ll try to get them to dance with us.”

The event is a chance for the club to introduce Korean culture to the Point Park community in a positive, upbeat way.

“It’s very important because we get to display our love for Korean culture and we are going to show people what Korean culture is all about,” Cates said.

 The library is also joining in on the Halloween spirit by hosting its annual costume contest. The event will be going on all day at the University Center’s

 In the days leading up to and on Halloween, Point Park and its clubs have embraced the holiday and are celebrating accordingly.