Globe’s Point – Pittsburgh Strong as Steel


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

As we sit down to write this editorial, the day’s copy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sits propped in front of us. It is inspiration we are looking for – for sanity. For clarity. For the right words to say. The harder and harder we try, the more we realize there aren’t any; yet there are so, so many.

On the Post-Gazette’s cover, normally filled with headlines, photos and graphics galore, you’ll find the page is surprisingly sparse. A blaring, black rectangle takes up the majority of the cover. Inside the black box are the names of the 11 victims of the Tree of Life massacre in Squirrel Hill. What could we possibly place on our cover – in our small, private school newspaper, that would send the proper message? What message do we want to send? What could we possibly say?

Through the fog of this jarring aftermath,  there are three things we at The Globe think we can all reach an agreement on. The first is that Pittsburgh is one resilient, cohesive city. Its strength runs deep and rich, and the people of Pittsburgh are unmatched in their

The other is that the lives of these elderly Jewish people were taken viciously, wickedly and unjustifiably.

The last is that the lives of these victims will not be forgotten or replaced. They will be honored, uplifted and revered.

We decided to run a still from a video taken at the unofficial Saturday night vigil on our cover. But still, we wanted to include the names of the innocent, Jewish victims of Saturday’s massacre. So here they are:


Joyce Fienberg.

Richard Gottfried.

Rose Mallinger.

Jerry Rabinowitz.

Cecil Rosenthal.

David Rosenthal.

Bernice Simon.

Sylvan Simon.

Daniel Stein.

Melvin Wax.

Irving Younger.