Globe’s Point – Protest to uphold your rights


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

In the wake of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court judge confirmation, we’ve seen protests pop up across the nation. Last week, Point Park students joined the wave of citizens who felt it was unjustified to elect a nominee accused of sexual assault to the highest court in our nation.

We at The Globe are proud of those who were brave enough to share the details of some of their darkest moments, and did so out in the open. They shared moments where they too felt taken advantage of and used. As students across all years and majors gathered in Village Park to share these stories, a sense of solidarity reverberated through the crowd.

In an age where people in powerful positions are being held accountable for their selfish and dishonorable actions, we applaud the masses of young people who are coming together to take a stand against issues they care deeply about. They are the ones that are setting the new example and standard for young people everywhere – not those in political power.

The voice of one person may not be enough to change the tide, but when they are supported by others, changing a social norm becomes much easier. Organized protests and rallies – and ones that are held to express a trend in public opinion of what is acceptable in society – is one of the essential vertebrae supporting the backbone of democracy in

We should feel compelled and driven to demonstrate, uphold and protect the ideology that no matter how small, we have a voice as an American and with momentum, we have the ability to change our country through legislation. We will continue to demonstrate our right to assemble, and through this decision, we will hold on to the hope that one day, the world will look a little bit different.

Though many were shocked, discouraged and depressed by the accused’s confirmation, we are fueled to fight on against sexual assault by the many voices who have made the noble decision to rage against it.