Globe’s Point – College students: unite!


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Yes, we are still talking about the Squirrel Hill shooting. We don’t think you will, but you can scold us if you’d like. The last thing we want to accomplish is repetitive reporting. We don’t want to beat the proverbial dead horse, but we know when we need to keep talking about something. 

In an age of expanding violence, it has become increasingly difficult to stay positive. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that young people are incredibly resilient in times of trouble. 

We at The Globe are wildly inspired by the activism and solidarity we’ve seen on display in our campus community and within colleges across the country. We feel pride for this display of activism each and every day – but now more than ever. When the news of our everyday world becomes nearly impossible to bear, we’ve still seen brilliant examples of comradery and compassion that convince us there still is civility in this world. We’ve seen glimpses of the potential people have and the compassion that they
can show.

In the wake of such a gruesome act of hatred so close to home, simple letters of empathy to the victims and their families flooded in to show that if we all stand together – without prejudice – we are stronger.

Last Tuesday, students fought against administration for failing to provide shuttles to and from polling places. Students joined together and demanded the shuttles they desired be provided. They wanted to eliminate anything that could possibly stand in the way of young voters exercising their rights, and that’s exactly what they did.

It’s moments like these – the aftermath of disaster – that are most important to focus on. If we all continue to stand together and advocate for human decency, hatred and violence surely will not prevail.

Don’t get lost in the chaos of the loss and sadness. Strive with your fellow neighbor for a better tomorrow.