Pioneer Public – Prim Green

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Pioneer Public – Prim Green

Written By Lauren Clouser, Co-Features Editor

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Prim Green’s first airplane ride was from Atlanta, Georgia to Pittsburgh to move into her new dorm for her freshman year of college. Green had heard about Point Park from her friend and took a virtual tour of the campus before deciding the university was a fit for her. 

“My first time ever flying was here to go to school by myself because my parents were working,” Green said. “So me and my friend, she helped me move in all my stuff and

Green, now a senior broadcast production and media management major, has settled into Point Park and has become heavily involved on campus. Green is currently a Resident Educator (RE), the vice president of Point Closet and the vice president of the Black Student Union (BSU). 

Green is in her second year as an RE, and is currently the RE for the 16th floor of Lawrence. 

It was through the RE program that Green and Monae Findley launched the idea to start a clothing pantry for students on campus. 

“Me and Monae were REs together last year and I was with her when she was talking to Dean Paylo about how we need somewhere where students can access clothing for free,” Green said. 

Green said Findley enlisted her help because of her experience working with clubs, and now Green assists Findley with organizing the group and planning events. 

“I’m honestly just there to help with Monae, anything she needs,” Green said. 

Green became the vice president for Point Closet and said part of the reason for her passion for the clothing pantry was because of her love of fashion. 

“I’ve always loved clothes since I was younger, I get it from my mom and she’s a clothing connoisseur,” Green said. “When we researched, there are a lot of college kids who suffer from clothing insecurity I was like ‘let’s get on this, let’s do this.’”

Green is also currently the vice president of BSU, where she helps to plan events and address concerns. 

“I help Brandon Rogers, he’s the president of BSU to kind of guide our exec board members to plan events, to make sure we are reaching black students with their concerns or anything they are having issues with on campus,” Green said. “That is a part of our mission and we stand strongly with that mission.”

In her limited free time, Green said she enjoys both roller skating and ice skating.

Green learned to roller skate at a young age because of her elementary school’s weekly skating night. 

“I would be competing with some of the adults in the skating rink,” Green said. 

Green’s future plans include getting an MBA in SAEM at Point Park. 

“That’s my goals for right now and after that, wherever God sends me I’ll be there,” Green said. 

Green said her dream job would involve fashion, ideally as a creative director for a designer brand. 

“Whatever my job, if that’s in fashion that would just be perfect for me,” Green said. “I’ve always loved fashion because it’s a way to express yourself.”   

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