The Globe’s Point – Hang in there; you’re so close


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Hello and welcome back.

We hope you had a happy holiday full of copious amounts of food and great company. We’re now forced shake off our tryptophan daze and return back to the vicious grind of the rapidly approaching end of the
semester. Deep breaths.

With only a few weeks left, there’s still a lot of work to accomplish before we can start packing for the
trip back home.

And those lucky few graduating early? You have a big kid job to think about. Best of luck. Hat’s off to you – you’ve got quite the leg up on the job search.

We believe we speak for most everyone in saying that having a week to refresh our bodies and minds was much needed. Believe us when we say we were eyeing this week up on the calendar like our metaphorical grandma’s secret pumpkin pie recipe – salivation and all.

We feel that semester slump just like everyone else. But we do want to remind you to keep that energy you replenished over the break to power through. Stick to a solid sleeping schedule, eat breakfast and stay hydrated. Did you know it was scientifically proven that it’s healthier to eat a donut for breakfast than it is to eat nothing at all? Yeah, think about that. Sometimes, you just have to live your truth and eat  your breakfast donut.

With a relatively unconventional campus and education format, most of us know the pain of finals coming early – with extensive projects and million page papers to write before the last week even hits.

But just in case you needed a little extra convincing to make it through, we know it’s possible to actually make it to that second week of December alive and well.

You got this.