What the election means for you

Despite historic voter turnout, challenges remain


Written By Shannon Hartnett, Staff Writer

Nov. 6, was a day to be heard, a day to vote. The battle rages all day long from sunup to sundown. The results? A draw.

Democrats win the House of Representatives and Republicans hold control of the Senate. Our congress is divided and we are in a standstill. I believe that for the next two years no legislation will be passed. Both sides will propose policies only to be shut down by the other. Will there be change in our nation when our leaders are the equivalent of children fighting over who has the best toy?

We were bombarded for weeks and weeks to vote, to use our voice. We were led to believe a blue wave was coming, but the only wave we got was a farewell to policy change.

My reaction to the midterms is the same as I feel towards politics – a standstill. The right and the left beat each other up and the needs of the people get left behind. We no longer live in a democracy where what the people want is important. Instead the agenda of politicians is the priority.

Our political leaders are so consumed with proving their opposition wrong that they forget to actually lead. The outcome of this election leaves me with nothing but frustration. Congress will be locked down while the political parties argue over impeachment.

In this day in age, politics have become a new religion. People invest themselves in knowing what to say to please other people around them without forming any thoughts of their own. Who cares if you actually agree with the policies as long as you don’t associate yourself with the party deemed corrupt for the day. Our election races have become a circus where people call each other names attempting to bring each other down. No longer can there be an idea of civil debate, because everyone feels the need to defend their opinions harshly and without empathy.

The United States is a country others look up to, but at the same time many mock our nation for becoming a groveling match for politicians. This past week I had a conversation with my little sister about politics. Her only response was “I don’t like Tom Wolf because his ads are always showing up when I’m trying to watch my Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube.”  The sad part is, many Americans would agree with this statement and many others have similar ideals about politics. The difference between my sister and the voting population of America is that she is 13 and voters are supposed to be adults.

I blame politicians for the misinformed voting adults out there. While they publicly argue and throw insults around, voters don’t know what to think because democracy has become a jungle.

So I sit in frustration. Frustration over lack of thought by the voting population and frustration over politicians who have seemed to forget that they are supposed to be running a country.

Looking towards the future, I pray for our leaders to turn the other cheek and listen to their opponents. We need to have civil debates again and salvage the little bit of respect from the public they still attempt to hold on to.

Maybe in the coming years the divided congress will find a way to please both sides without throwing the Constitution out the window. Hopefully the 2020 election will produce a candidate ready to compromise with both parties and unite them. Because what we truly need is a unified Democracy.