Women’s rugby club begins inaugural season

Team starts Saturday practices in Point State Park

Written By Shannon Hartnett, For The Globe

It is two-thirds of the way into the semester, and students are starting to prepare for the holidays and spring classes. Most think of this as a time to wind down. Not the girls who started Point Park’s first women’s rugby club.

A group of freshman girls living on the 12th floor of Lawrence Hall went out to play rugby with their friend Michael Horan.

Horan likes to play rugby, but is not a member of the men’s club due to his participation in the track and field team.

They used to play at Point State Park, and after a while, realized they wanted to mak an official club for women. So far, the club has about a dozen members.

Still in its infantile stages, the club is mainly focusing on learning how to play as well as having fun. The team has recruited members of the men’s rugby club, along with Horan, to help teach them basic skills such as passing and tackling.

The men’s league was excited to start helping the women’s club, according to Cassidy Burke, vice president. They have around four members who are there to coach. Currently, the club is practicing at Point State Park on Saturday mornings.

Horan encourages anyone to come out and try playing.

“I would have to say just come out and try rugby if you’re interested, we have a lot of support from the men’s team and I am happy to teach any girl who would like to learn the game,” Horan said.

The president of the club, Brianna Quintanac and vice-president, Cassidy Burke, were chosen by other members to be officers because of their enthusiasm for the club. Quintanac encouraged more people to try the sport. 

“Getting people to join is definitely the hardest part,” Quintanac said. “Some of them believe that they can’t play because they aren’t strong enough or tall enough, but really rugby is a sport for anyone of all shapes and sizes.”

Margaret Hinnebush volunteered as secretary for the time being as she wanted to be involved, but not necessarily play in games in the future. She just wanted to get the club rolling.

Hinnebush’s role as the secretary has revolved around organizing meetings and taking notes. In the future, she is prepared to organize shuttles for

USG confirmed the club during the weekly legislative meeting on Monday, Oct. 29 after senators brought up the question, “Why can’t they play in the men’s club?”

Due to the men’s club being a part of an all-men’s club league, the women would be unable to participate in games, Quintanac explained to the
legislative body.

USG then unanimously voted to approve the club.

“With us being a new club at Point Park University we are hoping that raising funds will be easy,” Burke said. “We already have a lot of support from the guy’s team to help us out.”

Hinnebush wants to see the club grow into its own.

“I would really hope that this club continues to grow to have more members as well as continue to stand alone when all of the current members graduate,” Hinnebush said. “I also would like people to join and have fun, even if it’s just to learn to play and meet new

They are hopeful to start scrimmaging other schools in the spring. They have plans to host a fundraiser and spread the knowledge of the club.

“The women’s rugby team has a strong and dedicated core to continue this program as we are all freshman and will continue this throughout our years at Point Park,” Horan said.