The Globe’s Point – A year of choices


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Welcome to 2019, Pioneers. Yet another year of trials and triumphs has passed, and a new journey lies ahead of each of us. How did you celebrate the new year? Did you retreat to your bed early, or did you watch the ball drop with your best friends? What about a list of New Year’s resolutions? Are they begging to be broken, or do you think cutting out Genoa’s pizza is feasible this year?

Everyone will have a different answer to each of these questions. That is because everyone makes different choices. We make choices every day. We choose what to wear, what to eat and how many times we can afford to press the “Snooze” button after sleeping in for the last three weeks.

When you were debating New Year’s plans, you made a choice to spend it how you want. When you take a fresh look at that New Year’s resolution list, you will choose to keep your promise or try again next year (or the year after).

We at The Globe believe any and all choices you make this year and every year after should accomplish one thing: make you happy.

College is taxing at times with multiple exams, quizzes and assignments in a short period. Students may struggle more when they attempt to maintain a social life, physical and mental health or outside employment in that same short period of time.

We chose to attend this university because we have a hunger to learn and gain real world experience before we even begin our first true day of “adulting.” In the midst of the stress, find something to make you smile.

Take a break from studying to devour a cookie dough milkshake from The Milkshake Factory with your roommates, or skip the gym for a day to rest in bed and watch another episode of “Friends.” Find a relief that removes all “stressers” from your environment and gives you a reason to sit back and smile.

This is our year, Pioneers. Choose happy.