The Globe’s Point – Cartoons playing catch-up

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

The Globe dedicated last week’s issue to the intelligent and powerful women of Point Park University and the Downtown Pittsburgh community. Just three days after women took to the streets of countless cities across the country, a number of offensive cartoons caught our attention.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published four editorial cartoons on Jan. 13, Jan. 14, Jan. 17 and Jan. 20, all created by Steve Kelley. The cartoons depicted multiple situations shaming women, one of which displays a man and a woman on a dinner date, and the woman says, “As a modern woman, I’m all for eliminating traditional gender roles, at least until the waiter brings the dinner tab.”

Kelley must be the type of man who switched his razor after the Gillette advertisement.

The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh wrote a letter to the editor describing the cartoons as “misogynistic,” and the cartoons “display a contempt for women and an obvious deep-seated prejudice against them.” The Post-Gazette refused to publish the letter.

On behalf of the 18 women who make up a majority of this newspaper staff, as well as the men who work by our side, as equals, we are ashamed this would be published in our very own backyard. As women, we are appalled. As journalists, we are infuriated.

It’s more important today than ever before to defend women in the journalistic field. According to Poynter, between 1999 and 2015, female journalists have remained between 36.3 and 37.7 percent of total journalists. And even though women are enrolling in journalism schools more than ever, their share of leadership roles in the field are slim.

The women of The Globe undergo the same staff selection process as men would. The women of The Globe can string together thoughts, words and sentences into a story just as men can. The women of The Globe prove just as capable, creative and courageous as men.

A number of local outlets share The Globe’s view, and if there is one thing we would like The Post-Gazette to know, it’s that Kelley’s cartoons do not reflect the entire community, and the cartoonist should get with the times.

While The Post-Gazette allows Kelley to continue to defame women, know The Globe will continuously treat all in our community with dignity and respect.