The Globe’s Point


Written By Globe Editorial Staff

As students in the School of Communication, this semester’s Globe staff feels qualified, more often than not, to discuss the concept of communication.

Let’s start with the basics. We all learned to speak at a young age, some earlier than others. Before that, our body language would express how we felt internally or toward others. Then, we learned the written word.

Remember when our teachers found it absolutely necessary to teach us cursive handwriting?

These were the beginnings of our young minds communicating thoughts and feelings to those around us, and we will forever expand upon this imperative skill.

In the past, our organization has neglected to uphold our utmost duty: communicate openly and regularly with the student body and faculty of our university. Our vow to you this semester, Pioneers, is we will be better.

Communication is a top priority in any and all relationships. This could include romantic relationships, business partnerships and friendships. Without a steady, open line of communication, there will be no progress within the relationship.

A couple cannot move on from a fight without talking it out, a student will detest their roommate’s bad habits without setting ground rules in a shared dorm and our newspaper will not thrive without the help of our peers and superiors.

Our office doors and email inboxes remain wide open for the voices of the people we represent and report about every week. While the minds at work behind the scenes of The Globe prove talented and clever, we appreciate the insight of those around us.

As communication students, this is our future. For others, we encourage you to enhance your communication skills and incorporate them into the aspects of your life, professional and personal.

We have mouths to speak, eyes to see, ears to hear and a body to express. These tools allow our skill to grow on a daily basis. Let’s grow together, Pioneers.