Streaming Rom-coms getting steamy this Valentine’s Day

Written By Dara Collins, Editor-Elect

Love fills the air as Valentine’s Day grows near every year, and couples and singles alike begin looking for a new way to celebrate the Hershey kiss-filled holiday.

It comes as no surprise that many college students prefer a cheap celebration.

The dormitories on campus come equipped with cable television, but the truth is, anything other than a basic cable package for the off-campus residents of Point Park proves pricey. Fortunately, Netflix saves the day.

Whether this Valentine’s Day includes a night in or a night out with your significant other or if it is all about “me, myself and I,” Netflix boasts a number of hilarious yet tear-jerking movies to end the day with a good ‘ole rom-com.


Jennifer Lopez is a queen of romantic comedy in this film alongside Jane Fonda, the devil incarnate turned mother-in-law.

Lopez’s character, Charlie, works odd jobs, lives in a messy apartment and has friends who worry about her love life. The worrying ends when Charlie falls in love with Dr. Kevin Fields who happens to run past Charlie as her horoscope tells her love is right in front of her. We love a cheesy Hollywood scene.

Viola Fields (Fonda), Kevin’s mother and famous newscaster, loses her job to a young female replacement – and her sanity – and detaches from reality for a few months.

The storyline revolves around Fonda’s plot to break up Charlie and Kevin when Kevin proposes on his mother’s first day “fresh off the funny farm,” as Viola’s assistant, Ruby, put it. Without a doubt, Ruby remains the highlight of this movie with one liners to leave you in tears.

Charlie throws a few punches of her own, literally and figuratively, as Viola continues to sabotage her son’s relationship, and Viola finally comes to terms with the marriage as Charlie is about to walk out.

This movie certainly serves a lot of laughs until the fairytale wedding ending and is high on the list of Netflix’s rom-coms this Valentine’s Day.


The 1980s could not have a great romantic comedy without Molly Ringwald. In “Pretty In Pink,” Andie Walsh (Ringwald) isn’t part of the “cool crowd,” but she finds good friendship in her best friend Duckie, who is secretly in love with her.

Rich boy Blane begins talking to Andie and asks her out on a date. A series of events unfolds in which Duckie is upset with Andie and hurt, and Andie and Blane seem unfit to be in one another’s very different lives.

With senior prom approaching and no date, Andie’s desire to go to the dance remains. She creates an original dress combining the gifted pink dress from her father as well her boss’s old prom dress. Even with the stunning dress, Andie has second thoughts of being alone in the crowd until she reconciles with Duckie at the dance.

Blane, showing his true colors, realizes his friend made fun of Andie constantly because she would turn him down, shakes Duckie’s hand and apologizes to Andie and professes his love to her. Duckie convinces Andie that Blane is unlike the other rich kids and she should go after him.

“Pretty In Pink” portrays the battle of the social classes with genuine character prevailing, and good character will always outweigh the materialistic aspects of life. A movie with good morals and a love story proves a great way to end the holiday.


A summer hit from last year, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is about a high school junior, Lara Jean Covey, who writes deep love letters to her intense crushes. The letters are fully addressed but never sent – that is until Lara Jean’s younger sister finds them hidden in her closet and sends out all five letters, because what else are little sisters for?

Naturally, Lara Jean is mortified as she becomes aware her letters have gone public after three of the five boys approach her with letters in hand. However, the mishap works in Lara Jean’s favor.

A shy Lara Jean begins to date tall, dark and handsome Peter Kavinsky, a letter recipient and the popular jock of the school who has recently split from his girlfriend, who also happens to be Lara Jean’s ex-best friend. But there’s a catch – Lara Jean and Peter are fake dating to make the ex-girlfriend jealous.

Cue storyline of fake dating evolving to real feelings, a break-up-make-up scenario, with a dash of heartstring-tugging moments, and Lara Jean and Peter live happily ever after.


Similar to “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” depicts the “embarrassing” life of Georgia Nicholson, a 14-year-old girl embarrassed by her looks, family and love life – we’ve all been there, girl.

On the first day back to school, Georgia and her friends spot two new boys, twins Robbie and Tom. Georgia creates a master plan to win Robbie over her enemy “Slaggy Lindsay.” Part of the plan includes “snogging lessons,” in which Georgia goes to a boy’s house to learn how to kiss in various stages – not sure if we’ve all been there.

Nonetheless, Georgia continues her plan. She tags along with her friend who is dating the other twin and later attempts to make Robbie jealous by bringing another boy to Robbie’s band’s show, all the while in the midst of a possible family crisis as Georgia believe her parent’s marriage is in jeopardy.

Of course, a teen love story should always end with a happy ending. At Georgia’s fifteenth birthday party hosted at a new club, she discovers the male handyman her mother has been spending time with is in a relationship with the male club owner, eliminating her worry over a broken family.

Better yet, no one showed up to Lindsay’s party, and Georgia’s best friend throws her chicken cutlet-like fake boobs into the crowd when Lindsay attempts to embarrass Georgia at her own party.

Who could forget the best part of all, as Robbie’s band sings the hit song, “Ultraviolet,” a song he wrote for Georgia, and they begin their journey as a couple.

Of course, there are a number of options to pick when it comes to Netflix and other streaming services. When looking for something not quite like “My Bloody Valentine,” this list is perfect to get started.