The Globe’s Point – Change is a useful tool

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

A faculty member recently suggested The Globe’s advisor rotate on an annual basis. Just like spring peeking around the corner, this concept of change sounds like a fresh idea.

The Globe staff itself experiences change every semester. The Editor-in-Chief and Editor-Elect rotate yearly, and the editorial staff rotates every semester. Familiar faces return and others graduate or take a hiatus, leaving room for fresh, eager students to fill positions.

In fact, we experience change every week as new writers claim stories to contribute to the student-run newspaper. The Globe encourages all voices to echo through the pages of our paper.

The change in leadership in question could only help us as an organization. The changing leadership within our staff provides the latest ideas and suggestions to create a better edition of The Globe than the last.

The Globe staff appreciates its faculty advisor because it needs an outsider’s perspective. We sit in our office on the corner of Fort Pitt Boulevard and Wood Street every Monday from roughly 3 p.m. to the late hours of the evening. It’s easy for us to get lost in the organized chaos that is The Globe.

The Globe wants all past advisors, our current advisor and all future advisors to know we appreciate and consider all critiques, suggestions and comments made on our paper as a whole and individual stories. Our talented staff and contributors thrive as individuals, and we continuously grow thanks to your guidance.

To achieve further growth, our advisor should annually rotate. Last semester, Dr. Aimee-Marie Dorsten emphasized storytelling and becoming unified throughout the paper. As a result, our consistency and writing progressed throughout the semester.

This semester, Professor Christopher Rolinson emphasizes visuals. As a result, our photographs are becoming stronger, and we are becoming more comfortable and playful with graphics.

The last two semesters alone have proved a change in leadership proved valuable for The Globe, so it can only benefit us more moving forward.