The Globe’s Point – Unjust outbursts

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

It didn’t take long, but the Post-Gazette has made national headlines once again.

This time for the publisher, John Robinson Block, showing up at the newsroom on a Saturday night inebriated and continuing to “go berserk” on his staff over a union Guild message board sign that read, “Shame on the Blocks!” Even worse, his young daughter was caught in the middle of the pathetic tantrum.

We at The Globe are simply appalled by this absurd behavior.

For a publisher to treat his employees with such blatant disregard is indeed shameful. It is simply unacceptable for privileged adults to act like children when things don’t go their way, especially when they are unwilling to treat those employed by their company with respect, dignity and fairness.

Block Communications Inc. (BCI), the owner of the paper, has refused to do so for years.

The sign in question remains on the message board amid a nearly two-year long contract negotiation between BCI and the Guild.

According to tweets by Guild President Mike Fuoco and Guild Unit Chair Jonathan Silver, Post-Gazette journalists have gone 13 years without a raise and have had to foot the bill for health-care premium increases, a violation of federal law by BCI.

As journalists across the country struggle to do their jobs in a digital age, pushback by wealthy owners doesn’t make it any easier. Newsrooms are shrinking, reporter’s duties are expanding more than ever before, and as all this plays out, their paychecks, benefits and job security have all been slashed.

Our staff here at The Globe are about to enter the professional field of journalism at a trying time. This is why – as a generation – we need to re-examine the profound public service newsrooms offer to our society.

Without reporters to keep tabs on what is happening around us, the rich and powerful gain more of an opportunity to profit at the expense and hard work of others.

And although you may not always like what you read in our articles, we will always guarantee that they are reported fairly, honestly and without personal motive.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow seekers of truth at the Post-Gazette, and will continue to fight for a society that treats us with those same courtesies.