All in With Allison – The Man Behind the Pioneers

Written By Allison Schubert, Sports Columnist

There are 15 varsity sports offered at Point Park, including soccer, track and field and cheerleading just to name a few.

We all know the new Athletic Director that was hired this year; John Ashaolu has made himself very present on campus and has done a great job tackling numerous difficult decisions since his start.

The coaches are well-known on campus too. Anyone who follows a team knows who calls the shots and anyone who steps foot in the Athletic Department will recognize which cubicles belong to coaches.

One person within the department likes to keep a low profile, and while doing so, keeps the spark of the Pioneers alive.

That man is Director of Athletic Communications and newly-named Associate Athletic Director Kevin Taylor.

Taylor is in his eleventh year at the school as the Director of Athletic Communications and has served the past five years as Assistant Athletic Director before being promoted to Associate Athletic Director for the Spring 2019 semester.

His work has been noticed outside of just Point Park, being named the official River States Conference (RSC) Sports Information Director at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.

Anyone can go to the Point Park Athletics website and read the rest of his biography, but what you cannot find out from that website is that Taylor is one of the most hardworking individuals on this campus.

As a work study for the Athletic Department, I attend my fair share of Pioneer games (of all sports, not one in particular).

The one constant at all of those games? Taylor is there trying to put on the best broadcast he can, record statistics during the game, run the public address system and get all of the advertisements and announcements in, all the while thinking of ways to improve the broadcast for the next game or the next season.

In just my three years here, we have gone from a basic one-camera back-and-forth live broadcast to a multi-camera in-depth look at the games, complete with a brand-new switcher, new cameras, and high definition capabilities for our live streams of the broadcasts.

Of everything that I have done on campus, being a part of those broadcasts and working with and under Taylor are some of the most enjoyable. Maybe that is because I am a sports junkie that loves broadcasting, but it seems that everyone who has come out to help out on the broadcasts would agree to some extent.

Working in the Athletic Department has been my happy place – that and being here, writing about it.

There is no one on this campus who is as dedicated to Point Park Athletics and all things Pioneers then Taylor is. He does not do things just to get them done, he enjoys the process. I think we could all take a page out of his book on how to love what you do and do a great job at it.