In Brief – USG Election Update 2

Written By Sarah Gibson, Co-Copy Desk Chief

On Monday, students gathered in Academic Hall room 302 for a United Student Government (USG) Presidential candidate debate held by Point Blank Comedy and the Black Student Union (BSU). USG Senator Jake Berlin and Vice President Brittany Arp answered questions delivered by moderators Chris Copen of Point Blank Comedy and Prim Green of the BSU. As opening statements and questions were asked, notecards were passed for the audience to write questions for moderators to present. Issues addressed included transparency, funding and each candidates’ respective capacity to facilitate change through USG.

Berlin, who was the first to deliver an opening statement, expressed his qualifications that he believed made him a good fit for the position as USG president while assuring the audience that he would represent the entire student body as opposed to just USG members.

In Arp’s opening statement, she took the time to address the issues of transparency, noting that while she thinks it’s very important, there needs to be balance between the executive cabinet, the legislative body and the student body. She also noted that what makes her a fit candidate is her ability to grow as a leader.

After the moderators’ questions had all been answered, they moved on to ask questions that had been sent in by audience members, and lastly, candidates were asked to give their closing statements.

Arp expressed appreciation for the opportunity to talk with students.

“We’ve talked about a bunch of different topics, and I look forward to talking with you all more,” Arp said. “There is the ‘Meet Your Candidate’ event on Wednesday that USG is holding, so come out and learn more about us, and I look forward to seeing you all there.”

Berlin, in his closing statement, took the opportunity to remind students that this was their chance to have an impact on the student government.

“You can finally see new results, new action, and new discussion taken from someone who is one of you and someone who will serve you,” Berlin said.

The debate is available on BSU’s Facebook page.