Spring finally approaches

Written By Shannon Hartnett, Staff Writer

Looks like old Phil was wrong with his predictions, which leaves me to sulk around Point Park with my enormous fluffy coat and scarf wrapped around my entire face because I refuse to be cold. I saw a post on Twitter that outlined the different seasons according to Pittsburgh rather than the normal seasons we know. They were listed as: winter, fools spring, second winter, spring of deception, third winter, mud season and then actual spring. As of right now I currently believe we are in the third winter. Hopefully, unless Mother Nature decides to really throw us for a loop and put in another fake spring followed by yet a fourth winter.

On top of the snow, the wind has just been flat out brutal. I could have sworn I was going to be blown away the other day as I walked down Wood Street. At least we have spring break to look forward to, oh wait no, ours is over already. I know someone else here has got to be thinking it, because everyone I talk to says the same thing. “You’re already done with your spring break?!” Yes. It’s over, gone, and what did I accomplish? Well I finished a paper, and I binge watched all the Fast and Furious movies and that’s about all folks. All the things I planned on doing went down the drain that first day I woke up way too late in the afternoon.

And now, with the returning half of the semester to go everyone needs to hike up their sweatpants so they don’t drag through the snow that is still here and power on. Spring is on the way and we don’t want to miss it while we bury ourselves in homework, complaints and pessimistic views.

With daylight savings this past weekend, the weather, as well as spirits, are beginning to look is a little brighter. Just think, now the sun won’t be setting until close to seven. It is going to leave room for so many more activities throughout the day that hopefully will include some outside fun.

This is the point in the semester where students start to feel tired and drained by the long winter that just sucked the life out of us, but unfortunately this is the exact opposite of how we need to be feeling. This is the crucial part to our semester, where our final projects start to unveil themselves, we begin registering for classes and finals week starts to ever so slowly creep up on us. So my fellow Point Park students, don’t give up.