The Globe’s Point – Pick back up where you left off

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Well Pioneers, our week of relaxation came and went, and the seven-week home stretch lays ahead of us.

Some of us enjoyed the luxury of spending spring break abroad or laying on a beach while others returned home to spend time with loved ones or remained in their downtown residence. Nonetheless, the lack of classes, assignments and exams for one week certainly proved beneficial to everyone.

Stepping back into reality, it’s time to finish the semester on a high note.

The back half of the semester serves as a clean slate for students who may not have been pleased with their midterm grades. A plentiful amount of opportunities remain to bring a less than desired grade up.

Let’s be physically and mentally present in class the final seven weeks. Let’s take advantage of extra credit opportunities and gather any and all the easy points to cushion the blows of tough quizzes and exams.

Aside from academic goals, we must not forget to better the other aspects of our lives as well.

Take a mental health day when needed, call your parents and ask about their days and make decisions that will make you happy and benefit you, because at the end of the day, you will be the one to live with them.

Every student is in charge of their own choices that will impact their grades these last few weeks, and most importantly, their happiness.

Take a break from the books for one Friday night and see a movie with friends or have dinner with your significant other. Relationships with those closest to you are just as important as relationships with those grading you.

Spring break did not have to serve as a trigger to kick start a better half of the semester. We are all capable of changing any aspect of our lives at any moment in time.

Maybe spring break opened your eyes to something that needs to change, and summer may be the time to execute this change, or even next semester. It’s never too late to take the changes necessary to receive a fulfilling education and live as joyous young adults.