The Globe’s Point – The importance of casting an educated vote

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Election season has sprung on campus. United Student Government (USG) is always present in our university newspaper due to coverage of the organization’s weekly meetings.

However, the last few editions of The Globe have seen USG’s name plastered across the news section for a multitude of reasons.

The Globe has remained neutral of its coverage whether the circumstance of a story arose from positive or negative circumstances from outside sources. Our staff will always present a fair and accurate article to the public with both sides of the story.

Naturally, election season brings more coverage of USG and its candidates than ever before, and our staff is once again dedicated to sharing our balanced information with the university community as voting begins.

The student body cannot make an educated decision without information on all candidates, nor should a student blindly vote for a candidate based on hearsay, friendships or other trivial factors. Students should investigate the issues at stake that could potentially affect them during their time at Point Park and make a choice based on plans of action.

When looking at the big picture, USG’s election season prepares the entire student body for political action, not just the candidates. A smaller-scale election like that of USG is really a model of any national election that all students can participate in upon turning 18.

Point Park preaches its location on the corner of Real and World, and this is yet another opportunity the university gives its students prior to becoming a working member of society.

If we learn to cast an educated vote now, we will only prepare ourselves for a larger-scale election.

We at The Globe are asking the university community to be informed about the candidates it is electing to represent the entirety of the student body. We share any and all information and encourage every student to be curious, well-informed and even question candidates on their own.

After all, these candidates may be students like us, but they are our representatives.