The Globe’s Point – A paper for all

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

It seems that students have been more vocal about the content they see and read in The Globe this semester.

Some members of our staff have decided to speak up and respond to commendation and critique alike, specifically through social media, and others have even decided to voice their opinion through the pages of our paper this week.

Here’s the cool thing about a student newspaper that The Globe’s Sarah Gibson touched on in her piece – anyone, literally anyone at this university, can publish a piece of work in this publication.

All of these voices as well as every response the paper receives, in physical or digital format, promotes democracy.

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ends with the sentiment, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The Globe has represented a diverse student body of different backgrounds, ages, races, ethnicities, religions, since 1967. As a staff, we try our very best to always remain mindful of our audience and to cover the most newsworthy happenings in our community.

Unfortunately, the Globe suffers from some pitfalls. For instance, we are only a weekly newspaper. Some stories have a longer shelf life than others and may miss the opportunity to be published in our print edition.

Additionally, the sad truth is our staff is dwindling. We have a restricted number of staff that is able and willing to cover the happenings around us – but that’s where you all come in, the other puzzle piece of our democracy.

If you want to see something covered in The Globe that we are lacking, tell us or tackle it yourself. We are accepting of all majors here at The Globe. If you have an opinion you want the community to know, submit it to The Globe in a letter to the editor or in a 500-word opinions piece.

And of course, if you dislike our work, you have the right to tell us in person or in a comments section.

In the same breath, freedom of the press allows us to publish these pieces you may not like. As long as a story adheres to our Globe standards, we have an obligation to allow a writer’s voice to be heard.

Please refrain from shaming The Globe as a whole for publishing material you may not agree with. One writer does not reflect an entire organization, but our writers have just as important of an opinion as you.

After all, we are a publication of the people, by the people, for the people.