The Globe’s Point – Students prepare for an onslaught of finals, sweet summertime

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

The old cliché says April showers bring May flowers. The dreary, grey skies of April, or any month when you live in Pittsburgh, bring the beauty of freshly bloomed flowers come May.

It’s the last month of the spring semester, Pioneers. In three weeks, we will all be in the midst of finals week. In just under four weeks, the seniors will have finally crossed the intersection at the corner of Real and World.

It’s crunch time. Professors will schedule the last of their course’s quizzes and exams and possibly offer opportunities for bonus points, and students will stay up late finishing final projects and assignments and studying for final exams.

April possesses the potential to give us a number of headaches, tears and sleepless nights, but May promises the beauty of sweet summertime with zero worry about classes and homework – unless enrollment in a summer course awaits.

Nonetheless, the months ahead will ease the mind of every Pioneer who has been working hard toward a degree this past semester. We are about to catch our final wind to end the semester on a high note and enjoy a long-awaited summer break.

The work ethic of most college students is underrated at times. College students are some of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals who juggle school, possibly a part-time or full-time job and a social life.

In the midst of the chaos that is our schedule, we still manage to make time to eat, call mom and dad, wash clothes, go to the gym or whatever else may be of importance on our to-do list.

We certainly aren’t masters of balance at all hours of the day, but we college students deserve some kudos.

We are inches away from the finish line. Four months of hard work is about to result in four months off, and we don’t know about you all, but The Globe is pretty excited for those May flowers.