The Globe’s Point – Why every student deserves to be heard

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

With a new school year comes new events and problems to tackle. Even though classes have only just begun, this year has already seen its fair share of issues and student concerns.

The first major issue, which wae are covering in our news section this week, is the changes to the shuttle services. Specifically, the lack of an Oakland shuttle for this semester.

The next major issue is also being covered this week. The adjunct professors at Point Park are working with the United Steelworkers Union to fight for better wages.

Finally, an ongoing issue of campus security, especially in light of three recent stabbings all within walking distance of our campus.

Though opinions vary, we at The Globe are dedicated to covering these issues as thoroughly as possible. We will be providing our readers with updates as they happen, and we will provide a neutral, fact-based voice within our pages.

However, though we are all members of the student media, we are, first and foremost, students. Every single member of The Globe staff is a student who pays tuition to attend this university and thus deserves a voice when it comes to university matters that affect the student body. The voice of students is not one to be overlooked.

We, the student population of Point Park, deserve reliable transportation in order to attend class. We deserve a faculty which is paid a fair wage. And we deserve to feel safe both on campus and in the city. It is the University’s responsibility to make sure our tuition dollars are going toward better resources for students and toward a better pay for staff.

Oftentimes, we at The Globe are forced to grapple with our dedication to providing unbiased news to students, as well as our own opinions. However, we thoroughly believe that we have the ability to provide reliable news while also wanting the best for the student body. We respect and accept any and all opinions relating to these issues, and we welcome any student to write to us and provide new insight. Our opinion section is a place for conversation.

So Point Park, please continue to fight the good fight. The Globe is always here as a resource.