All in With Allison – AB: Astronomically Bad

Written By Allison Schubert, Sports Columnist

Antonio Brown.

As a yinzer myself, at a school that is in the heart of Yinzerville, I once adored him.

You cannot argue that the man is an insane wide receiver. He has a workout routine more intense than most in the league (except James Harrison – no one can compete with him) and trains year-round. 

If you own a screen – literally, any screen at all – you know about the recent buzz surrounding Brown.

Our once beloved Pittsburgh star has changed quite a bit, and definitely for the worst.

As we all know, Brown asked to be released from the Steelers after conflicts with Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin and essentially every other Steeler that exists. 

Of course in this situation, Brown was being attacked and did absolutely nothing wrong at all, right?

Well, it turns out when he was granted his wish of freedom and moved across the country, the Oakland Raiders also “attacked” him.

After a hilarious video of Brown’s son asking where Roethlisberger was, Brown just decided that he was no longer going to attend training camp and other mandatory team activities because he didn’t need to… and then got mad when they fined him for violating his contract.

The Raiders forced Brown to issue a public apology to the team in order for him to play on opening week, and after he did so all was forgiven and it was like none of the turmoil even happened.

That was far from the end of things though, and the latest chapter of the Brown saga is by far my favorite. 

Brown has most recently moved back across the country, but this time a little further north than the Steel City.

That’s right everyone, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are the latest to claim the troubled Brown as their own, a move that a lot speculated was Brown’s ultimate goal.

The Patriots and Steelers battled things out in Week 1, but Brown was not in the roster yet, so he avoided seeing his former teammates and that “awful, abusive” Tomlin for now. Brown is projected to be added to the roster and active in Week 2.

For now, things have calmed down a bit. At the time of publication, Brown has been quiet and seems to be appeased – at least for the time being.

He is the type of player that will allow his ego and desire to make more drive his future in the league. It honestly would not surprise me if he retired early because no one offers him the astronomical amount he desires in a few years.

He is undoubtedly the pettiest player in the league, and one of the most petty in all of the sports world. 

I am not looking forward to seeing how his career progresses, and I certainly am sick of seeing his face all over social media. I am ready for this drama to come to an end and permanently.