Campus Activities Board holds ice-capade

Students enjoy ice cream, iceless ice skating around campus

Written By Zoey Angelucci, For The Globe

Photo by Siena Ciancia
Students skate in Student Center Gym during “Iceless Ice Skating” event on Saturday, Sept. 14.

Point Park students cooled down this past week with Campus Activities Board (CAB) summer activities. CAB kept students busy with an “Ice Cream Social” on Wednesday, Sept. 11, and “Iceless Ice Skating” on Saturday, Sept. 14.

CAB’s “Ice Cream Social” was set up at Village Park. It allowed students to get outside for the day, with ice cream from NatuRoll, Millie’s, Klavon’s and Rita’s. Students were given a large  selection to fulfill any of their ice cream needs.

“It was the perfect day for an ice cream social,” freshman broadcasting major, Zoe Vitelli said, as she soaked in the sun during the event. “I got to catch up on some homework with friends while being able to eat all the ice cream I wanted. Who could ask for anything better?”

The CAB “Ice Cream Social” was headed by sophomore business management and photography major Shelby Armetta. Armetta, CAB Special Events Coordinator, and her team put in a lot of hard work to make the “Ice Cream Social” a success. Between getting the ice cream to Point Park and informing the students, Armetta had her hands full.

“I planned the event by researching ice cream places in the area and contacting a few to see which ones would work out for the event,” Armetta said. “Planning something like this honestly takes good networking and communication skills. Good time management is important too.”

Armetta didn’t disappoint. Students enjoyed everything from fun tabletop games to dairy-free ice cream. 

“I really thought it was a good idea because it gave people an opportunity to come down to Village Park and mingle while enjoying something sweet,” freshman public relations and advertising major Gia DiPaolo said. “I thought it was really cool how they even added dairy-free ice cream to include people like me in the fun.”

The general reaction from students about CAB’s “Ice Cream Social” was “a good time” that left some students wanting more.

“The ‘Ice Cream Social’ was the best way to end a day of classes,” freshman business management major, Madi Shick said. “We tried every single spot and it was all delicious. I really hope they have one again and other things like it.”

Luckily for Point Park students, CAB had another activity planned just around the corner. Point Park After Dark’s (PPAD) “Iceless Ice Skating” took place in the Student Center Gym last Saturday. Students gathered at the ‘rink’ for a good time.

“I had a great time, even though my feet were dying,” freshman dance major Kaleb Thomas said. “The ambience was very lively and full of laughter.”

For those wondering what “Iceless Ice Skating” is, Malia Kennedy, a freshman biology major, described it as a “giant cutting board.” Kennedy attended the event with a group of friends and thoroughly enjoyed her night. Plastic-like tiles were set up on the gym floor. CAB provided students with ice skates to borrow for the event. Like real ice, students were able to skate on the plastic.

With music and an exciting way to make new friends, CAB pulled off a fun night and allowed students to ice skate in the middle of September.

“It was fun, even though it was hard to skate,” Aniela Marcin, a freshman dance major, said about the difficulty of skating. “The music was good, and I liked the bubbles.”

CAB member and sports, arts and entertainment management major Emily Rockwell was in charge of this activity. Like Armetta, Rockwell had to put a lot of work into making this a successful event.

“Keep an eye out for things CAB is doing in the future this year,” Armetta said. “We have a really creative team that works really well together this year.”

Before the weather starts cooling down, CAB has a few more summer activities in the works. This includes “Late Night Bingo” on the 19th and “So Long Summer” on the 23rd. After this week of cool activities, students are ready to face the last few weeks of summer heat.