‘It Chapter Two’ hits theaters on Friday

Written By Dara Collins, Editor-in-Chief

You know what they say about Derry – no one that dies there ever really dies.

At least, that’s how Pennywise’s latest disguise put it.

I do not think I am alone when I say Stephen King’s “It” ruined the idea of a goofy, harmless clown. I sat on my nana’s living room floor as I watched “It” for the first time, and I have not been fond of clowns since.

Now, at 21 years old, nothing has changed.

It’s hard to believe Warner Bros. Pictures released the “It” remake two years ago. By this Friday, “It Chapter Two,” sometimes stylized as “It Ends: Chapter Two,” will hit theaters.

The Losers are back in Derry to end It – for good. Warner Bros. Pictures released the final trailer on July 18. By the end of the less than three-minute video, your heart will be racing out of your chest, and It’s cackle will echo in the back of your mind.

The flashes of red: the blood, the balloons, It’s hair and even Beverly’s hair pop from an otherwise dark and grotesque trailer of the returning horror that terrorized the members of the Loser’s Club during their childhood.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s modern look horrified viewers when the remastered movie hit theaters in 2017. This could be due to It’s lifeless yet glowing eyes and three rows of dagger-like teeth that tore Georgie’s arm off.

Or maybe it’s because now, after watching the official teaser trailer from Warner’s YouTube channel released in May, we assume Pennywise can take the form of a seemingly innocent elderly woman.

“For 27 years, I dreamt of you, I craved you, I missed you,” It says in the final trailer.

While Pennywise dreams of this week’s long-awaited rematch with the Losers, “It Chapter Two” seems nothing short of a nightmare.