‘Leave It All Behind’ and listen to SWS’s sixth studio album

Written By Kylie Thomas, For The Globe

Sleeping With Sirens recently released their sixth studio album, “How It Feels to Be Lost,” on Friday, Sept. 6. With the release of their new album comes a flashback to their past music style which brings a happy fanbase.

Sleeping With Sirens is an alternative-rock band that started in 2009. The band started off as more of a post-hardcore band with their first few albums that posed a mix between screaming and singing which got fans hooked. The band gave an energy like no other while maintaining a pool of deeply written lyrics.

Though fans fell head-over-heels for the band, their fifth studio album “Gossip” led some fans questioning the band’s music. “Gossip” was released through Warner Bros. Records, which is known for signing more pop-like music artists. When “Gossip” was released, it obviously had much more of a mainstream pop vibe that fans did not prefer, and many criticized.

Since then, Sleeping With Sirens has switched record companies to Sumerian Records for the release of “How It Feels to Be Lost.” It appears they have gone back to their roots for this newest album, which is a sure way to please fans.

“How It Feels to Be Lost” brings back the original sound that fans loved about the band. The songs are filled with a lower beat, heavy guitar riffs, louder drum hits, a deeper sound and much more screaming than the previous album.

This was first recognized when the band released their first single for this album titled “Leave It All Behind.” Within the first 30 seconds of the song, it was evident by the deep sounding guitar riff and pounding drum beat that fans were being taken back to the Sleeping With Sirens they had fallen in love with.

The new album uses a lot of lower melodic vocals for the singer, Kellin Quinn, than has been seen in the past. Quinn uses this new sound as a mix between the band’s old works and the newer pop-like work. Quinn still uses his signature voice to give the band a sound like no other due to his higher pitched voice.

Possibly the biggest asset to this album is the fact that Quinn has brought back his screaming, which was a big miss in the last album. In songs like “Break Me Down,” Quinn pushes his voice to give the classic scream that all the fans have missed which gives that edge to the songs.

The album itself has a lot of musicality to it. It blends a mixture of different genres with more pop sounding melodies in songs like “Another Nightmare,” but also more hardcore beats and harmonies in songs like “Ghost.” The fact that the album takes a lot of different elements and blends them into one is a selling point since it pleases fans of all types. The old school fans get their heavy undertones, while the new fans get their pop-rock values.

The album song list is also listed in a pleasing way. “How It Feels to Be Lost” starts off with a kick in the teeth with “Leave It All Behind,” which reintroduces the band’s past heavy sound. The album then bounces back and forth between those two main genres of hardcore and pop-rock and ends with the soft, leaning towards ballad, song “Dying to Believe,” which pounds in the whole meaning of the album.

All in all, the album has gone above and beyond what was expected of Sleeping With Sirens. The band has found a way to mix their different styles while putting out a killer album. “How It Feels to Be Lost” is an album that anyone can relate to and scream out at the top of their lungs. The album is filled with heart wrenching lyrics and rich music that will have you listening to it on repeat. This album is an amazing listen for any Sleeping With Sirens fan since it has something to please everyone.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the band, it’s a great introductory album to them and has many elements that will make you fall in love with at least one song. “How It Feels to Be Lost” will be one of the albums that goes down in history with this talented band.