The Globe’s Point – Remembering self-care while being stressed out

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Due to the amount of clubs and organizations at Point Park, with more being added every day, it’s easy to tell that students here are no strangers to getting involved on campus. Some students also go a step beyond to take on leadership roles. Some take on multiple. Some work part-time jobs. Some are non-traditional students who may have children to care for. All students take on a heavy course load.

Sometimes, with all of these responsibilities, it can feel as though students are taking on multiple jobs at a time. Sometimes scheduling in time for fun, friends or relaxation can be a struggle.

But while these roles and these jobs are important, we implore the students of Point Park to consider the importance of self-care in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While it can be easy to ignore one’s own needs in favor of serving others, self-care is incredibly important. The body and the mind both need time to settle down and relax. Studying is important, and so are club meetings and work. But alone time and small indulgences are equally as important for people to continue functioning properly.

You’ve probably heard the saying “treat yo self,” popularized by Aziz Ansari’s and Retta’s characters in “Parks and Recreation,” but the saying is more than just a silly meme. It is important to allow yourself time to simply enjoy things, be it a good meal or a cozy bed. It is important to take time and to slow down. And if you’re a stickler for a schedule, try penciling in a slot where you just do nothing. Add self-care to the schedule.

We at The Globe understand your woes. In fact, our editorial staff spends hours upon hours, often extending late into the night, on Mondays to put together this publication. And we spend more time during the week creating content, on top of other obligations and classes. We aren’t ones to tell you all to immediately drop what you’re doing and give yourself some love. But as we, the staff, attempt to improve in this area, we invite you to join us.