The Globe’s Point – Wasted Information

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

The life of a student media member isn’t always easy or fun. A lot of the time it can be fun, like on Monday nights when we put The Globe together and eat pizza and generally goof around. But sometimes, like when we hear that The Globe is being taken from newsstands and thrown in the trash, things get hairy.

You may have noticed this weekend that a lot of Globe members took to Twitter to ask students not to throw away our work. And this week, we’re taking to The Globe’s Point to do the same thing.

When we see piles of unopened Globes in the trash, alongside desolate, empty newsstands, it sucks. There’s really no other way to describe it. It just sucks.

We spend a lot of time putting the paper together, and a lot goes in to doing it. More than you would expect. Allow us to walk you through it, briefly.

First, we hold pitch meetings (every Monday, at 2:40 p.m. in the CMI). Then, we spend about seven hours minimum in our office editing and laying out the paper. On Tuesdays, we edit some more and send it to print, and our incredible online editor updates our website. On Wednesdays, our wonderful delivery assistants fill up our newsstands. And throughout the week, our talented writers and photographers are working tirelessly to provide the student body with quality content. It is a never ending cycle.

We create The Globe for you. We want the students of Point Park to have a reliable news source and a platform to voice their opinions. We work closely with our friends at U-View and WPPJ in order to do so. All of our organizations believe in the same things.

And for those members of the student body who expressed their support for The Globe on Twitter, thank you. You make it all worth it.

For those who question our work, we ask that if you see a headline that displeases you, to read the full story. Often, things are not always as they seem.

So please, do not throw our work in the trash without so much as a cursory glance. Open the pages, read them and then respectfully recycle.