All In with Allison – A Lack-of-Family Affair

Written By Allison Schubert, Sports Columnist

It happens once a semester, and *typically* for the athletics department here at Point Park, it means free t-shirts and a spike in attendance and concession stand sales: family weekend.

As we all know, Point Park’s weekend begins on Thursday, so if we count this past Thursday as the beginning of the official family weekend, Point Park teams combined for six games over the span of four days.

Between the men’s soccer team, women’s soccer team and volleyball teams, the Pioneers racked up a 2-3-1 record for those six games. 

The weird part about this year’s family weekend is that there were no free shirts being sported up and down Wood Street, and the concessions stand, in fact, made no sales. 

All six of the games that occurred over family weekend were on the road.

One could argue that it’s a good thing for some of the teams, I suppose. The men’s soccer team is 6-0 on the road this year. Volleyball seems pretty unaffected by their environment, posting a 4-4 record away.

On the opposite side, though, the women’s soccer team is 1-5-1 on opponents’ soil.

What I think is sad is the fact that family weekend at home has always been a fun weekend for the teams. Between the three teams we have mentioned so far, they represent eight states and 19 different countries. (The men’s soccer team is responsible for 18 different countries alone.)

Having a set weekend to bring all of that diversity together was so much fun for those working the games, and I can imagine that the athletes felt the adrenaline rush from having the support of all of those proud parents and loved ones as well.

I think all of the athletic department missed the organized chaos, dad jokes and Pioneer Pride that family weekend brings to campus.

The record of the teams reflects that too.

All three of these teams are teams that have been dominant in River States Conference (RSC) play, and non-conference play, for the past few seasons. A combined 2-3-1 record definitely does not highlight what the Pioneers are capable of.

I know that a lot of people put a lot of time into developing the schedules of each team every year, but the corner of Real and World (the student center gym and Highmark Stadium, that is) was lacking the friends, family, and loved ones of the athletes.

The Pioneers’ have combined for a winning record for at least each of the last five years that family weekend has been an all-home schedule, so the proof is in the pudding as they say.

I know that athletics are not as prominent here as they are at NCAA DI schools or even just universities with football teams, but when Pioneer fans come out to support their loved ones on the court, field, etc. there really isn’t anything like it.