Oliver Tree includes Pittsburgh on ‘Goodbye Farewell’ tour

Written By Luke Mongelli, For The Globe

On Sat. Oct. 12, Oliver Tree made his way to the brand new Roxian Theater in McKees Rocks, just outside of Downtown Pittsburgh, to perform for his last time on his “Goodbye Farewell Tour.” The Roxian is new to the city, bringing life and business to the main drag of McKees Rocks. The theater has removable seats that were taken out for this show for good reason. No one would have used them anyways.

Tree was accompanied by NVDES, an electronic/dance DJ based in Los Angeles, Cali., and Estonian rap sensation Tommy Ca$h. NVDES, who helps Tree create some of his music, opened the event, setting the bar high for the following acts.

The crowd started out calm at the beginning of NVDES’ set, testing the waters with this up-and-coming musician, but quickly learned that this guy was the real deal. He played a 45-minute set, and every second felt like a buzz growing around the room. Behind him, a giant LED board showed a series of psychedelic images to accompany his songs, which added to his set tremendously. When he left the stage, a roar filled the theater that shook the walls. Everyone knew it was going to be an astonishing show after that. After NVDES absolutely rocked the crowd, the audience was met with a half hour wait, which left them hungry and wanting more.

The audience got more as Ca$h, accompanied by his DJ, walked out of the thick smoke that poured from the wings of the stage. Behind him, an introduction played, which left the audience chilled and excited. The beat for one of his most famous songs, “Little Molly,” started out of the silence that built in the theater. The crowd erupted. Those who knew his songs sang along, and for those that did not, learned the words quickly. Ca$h jumped around stage for another 40 minutes, electrifying the crowd even more than the opening act did. Ca$h dedicated his last song to the late Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller, and the crowd went berserk. Despite the cheers to stay on stage and play more, Ca$h made his way off the stage, and the crowd’s attention shifted to the man of the hour: Oliver Tree.

All the lights dimmed, except for the LED board. On the screen, Tree’s life story started to play. You could hear a pin drop. The video went on to tell the already captivated audience how Tree got his start in music, and what exactly in his life brought him to that stage. In the center of the stage sat a wheelchair, which was not a surprise to much of the crowd. Tree had tweeted out that while performing a stunt for a music video, he had broken his ankle. He is often heard boasting about how he does all his own stunts, but this time it caught up with him. Tree also revealed to the crowd he was just released from the hospital a couple nights before the show. He had lost one-third of his blood, due to internal bleeding. He made it clear that he would not let this affect his performance, and he would still “rock all of Pittsburgh.”

He opened with his most popular song, from the Alien Boy EP, “Alien Boy.” The crowd immediately began singing along without missing a beat. The pit right in front of the stage exploded with life, jumping up and down in unison, pumping their fists in the air, or as Tree likes to call it, “putting your rockers up.” After the first song he began to interact with the crowd, which he makes a point to do at every concert he performs at. He makes it very clear he does it all for the fans, and he wouldn’t be where he is without them. Despite his cocky persona, he seems to never forget his roots and all the people who have helped him succeed over the years.

Tree then went on to play many of his other hits, rolling around stage and popping wheelies in his wheelchair. He made sure to play some fan favorites, such as “All That,” “Welcome to LA,” “Miracle Man” and “Hurt.” He also decided to play some unreleased music, that he says he plans to drop soon.

Tree also likes to indulge in some comedy during his shows, and it is what helped his career take off. During the show, he asked the crowd “Do you guys want to hear something I wrote in my hotel room last night?’ Of course, everyone wanted to. He then began to play the opening guitar riff from the popular AC/DC song “Thunderstruck.” Tree took a break after this, and let his very talented guitar/keyboard player and his drummer have a solo. Tree makes sure to give them the recognition they deserve, and shines light on how hard his bandmates work to bring his creations to the stage.

Overall, this concert was masterfully executed. The performances by NVDES, Tommy Ca$h and Oliver Tree have certainly set the bar high for artists on their way in. Although Tree says this is his last tour, this most likely is not the end of his music making career. There was a whole spectrum of music represented in the concert, ranging from electronic to rock to rap. I think that if you are someone who enjoys all of those genres and has a hard time deciding on what to listen to, look no further than Oliver Tree.