The Globe’s Point – It’s spooky season

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

Alysse Baer

Fall took its good, sweet time getting here, but it’s finally here. Lovers of the season can finally check their weather apps with glee at the sight of 50 to 60 degree weather every day. Tree leaves are changing noticeably, and in a few short weeks, the holiday of Halloween will be upon us.

As college students, the appeal of Halloween has undergone some changes.

As kids, the holiday has obvious perks. Free candy, fun costumes and school parties make the early fall season especially great.

In college, Halloween is exciting for different reasons. It is still an excuse to dress up, which always has the potential to be fun, but it’s also an excuse to throw parties.

On Point Park’s campus, there’s not really a party scene. There’s no room for it. Students looking to party hard can still find plenty of action off campus. On campus, many clubs are also hosting Halloween-themed events for students looking to get festive.

Fall activities can vary and don’t have to be exactly traditional. Some students may choose to celebrate in the form of daily Point Perk pumpkin spice lattes. Others may enjoy donning their fall sweaters. Some are tirelessly working on a sweet costume to wow at any get-together.

The month of October is a great one. The weather is typically mild, a change in the seasons can allow for a change of pace, and the holiday season provides something to look forward to.

No matter how Pioneers choose to celebrate this year, safe, intelligent decision-making is a must for a successful spooky season.