The Globe’s Point – Stop the ridicule

Written By Globe Editorial Staff

It has been a growing issue online to ridicule people for their interests. It’s an issue that is often ignored, because it’s easy to partake in the ridicule and not give it a second thought.

But it’s wrong and it’s hurtful.

Twitter is full of individuals who share their interests in pop culture phenomena. An example of this would be the vast and sprawling K-Pop fandom, who often pop up in the replies of famous people. They’re a passionate group, but unfortunately they’re also often the butt of the joke. This also applies to people who are interested in things such as anime and role playing games like “Dungeons and Dragons.”

A lot of the time, the problem occurs because these interests aren’t seen as “cool” or even normal, but they are. People have been enjoying the creative works of others for as long as humanity has existed. It’s just that somewhere along the way, someone got to decide where to draw the line as to what is acceptable and what is not. This just isn’t fair.

Luckily, in response to the online ridicule, there has also been an increase in voices that defend the rights of others to enjoy whatever it is that they’re into. These voices are needed. It is high time that individuals are not shamed for taking an interest in TV shows, books, music or anything else. It shouldn’t be okay for one person to binge Stranger Things and be accepted but for another to love anime and feel shunned.

In fact, we at The Globe would like to open an invitation to any and all members of the Point Park community. Every week, we attempt to diversify our Arts and Entertainment page with a vast array of reviews. So if you are someone who has an opinion of something you like, even if it’s not considered normal or “mainstream” then please reach out to us about sharing your interest in a review. We would be happy to publish your piece and celebrate your enjoyment with you.