Top 5 Weirdest Sexy Halloween Costumes

Written By Jordyn Hronec, Editor-Elect

The phenomenon of “sexy” Halloween costumes for women is not new, but it has been more commonly debated in recent years. However, I am not here to debate in favor of or against sexy costumes. I am simply here to point out some of the more bizarre victims to the sexy Halloween costume trend. Here are the top five weirdest sexy Halloween costumes, and yes, I am an expert.


5. Sexy baby

This one has issues for an obvious reason…and if it’s not obvious enough, I’ll just say it. You shouldn’t sexualize kids, let alone babies. And that’s exactly what this costume does. A Google image search of ‘sexy baby costume’ brings up the photo of a young woman wearing a light blue, skin-tight leotard, a bonnet and with a large pacifier in her mouth as she looks into the camera seductively. I’m not sure that this is the route I would advise taking if you’re looking to have yourself a sexy little Spooktober. Not only is it weird, it’s problematic.


4. Sexy Ronald McDonald

So, this costume features yet another skin-tight leotard, though this time, it’s bright yellow, with a dangerously low neckline, along with red and white striped stockings, red pumps and the iconic red puffy clown wig. But while I’m sure Ronald McDonald, under all of his clown makeup, is a good-looking dude, I’m not sure that he’s the guy to emulate when you’re trying to be sexy…although if you choose a “sexy” Ronald McDonald costume, is the goal to be sexy? I really don’t know.


3. Sexy “Undecided Voter”

Do you remember the 2016 election? Of course you do. Anyways, remember that one guy at the one debate who was on the fence about who to vote for? His name was Ken Bone, and immediately after the debate, he rose to meme status only to be immediately forgotten in a few weeks afterward. Well the sexy Halloween costume community didn’t forget, because the sexy undecided voter costume is comprised of a cropped red sweater, black pants, nude pumps and a fake mustache. It is real. But is it really sexy? I’m not sure.


2. Sexy Yoda

There have been many classic characters who have slipped into the sexy Halloween costume trend’s grasp, but I don’t think any surprised me quite as much as sexy Yoda. The costume consists of a nude tunic that notably lacks fabric in the skirt and chest areas, as well as nude pumps and a little Yoda head in the form of a hat. I don’t know how anyone could envision Yoda, a small, green, gremlin-shaped little old space man as sexy, but we all have our “things.”


1.Sexy Mister Rogers

I have to top my list with the costume that I have seen creating quite a buzz on social media this year. Also, being a Pittsburgher, this one struck some kind of a chord with me. The sexy Mister Rogers costume consists of gray booty shorts, a cropped red sweater and tie and black pumps with white socks. The wearer can also choose to don a gray, short-haired wig and two hand puppets. To be honest, I’m still trying to sort out how this costume and its existence makes me feel. But it’s definitely weird, and something tells me that Mister Rogers, in all of his Presbyterian-ness, would not find it to be exactly flattering.