USG passes Fall II Budget Allocation

Written By Sarah Gibson, USG Beat Writer

In this week’s legislative body meeting, the United Student Government (USG) met with several changes. To start, this was the first meeting of the semester that was not held in the JVH. It was instead held in Lawrence 200. The aim of was to be more visible to students walking by. This was also the first meeting that saw a major dive in attendance since the special election. It was suggested that the reason for this dip was the fact that this meeting was held on a Sunday. Every third week of the month, USG meetings must be held on a Sunday due to the senators’ assignments to attend Faculty Committee meetings on Mondays.

During the meeting, the legislative body voted unanimously to approve the Student Organization Budget for the Fall II funding period. A total of $17,319 was given out to clubs, not including what will come from the appeals process that is scheduled to take place this week. Per the Fall II Funding Allocation minutes on PointSync, a total of nearly $40,000 was allocated to clubs this semester.

During this meeting, President Jake Berlin announced that he would be meeting with President Paul Hennigan next week and asked if there was anything that the legislative body would like him to discuss with the President. President Berlin, when discussing the issue of parking, established that Point Park students wouldn’t be able to get their own parking garage, but he would ask about some sort of discounted street parking. 

Alexa Lake reported in on an advisory referendum sent to students on the topic of USG’s name change. Though the proposition for a referendum on changing the name to GoPPU was not passed several weeks ago, an advisory referendum doesn’t need to be passed by the legislative body. Lake noted that while there were many responses, they had yet to be counted.

The shortest meeting of the semester was adjourned just after twenty minutes. It was established that the next meeting would also be in Lawrence 200.