All In with Allison – Bittersweet Defeat

Written By Allison Schubert, Sports Columnist

So remember last week, when I was talking about how all of our teams were in contention for a championship?

Well, it turns out the women’s cross country team is running solo on this one.

Things did not quite work out for the teams we talked about last week.

Let’s start with the men’s soccer team again.

Last week, I mentioned the fact that they were awaiting the finale of the River States Conference (RSC) tournament to see if they would receive an at-large bid to nationals.

Now that the tournament has come to an end, we know that they missed out on that at-large bid by just one loss. One. Loss.

That is probably the saddest storyline of this semester: a historically amazing team missing the postseason because of a mishap the year before, then missing nationals by a single loss.

The women’s soccer team’s season was slightly more successful, in terms of the postseason.

It did not result in a championship unfortunately, but they did make it all the way to semifinals.

As for the volleyball team, they were not able to break their quarterfinals curse.

I was on the call with Taylor Spirito for the match, and it was an amazing one to say the least. It really came down to technicalities, and Asbury took the win in four sets.

Despite things not going in favor of Point Park, the Pioneers have nothing to hang their heads about.

A historic season is historic no matter the outcome of the postseason. This season will still go in the books for the men’s soccer team.

A semifinal run is nothing to overlook either, and the women kept things tight until that final game, even after a coaching change, which is never easy an easy transition for a team.

Being the East Division Champions is also nothing to put your nose up to, and quarterfinals curse or not, they still took the division title.

Overall, it has been quite the final fall semester for me and the rest of the seniors that adorn the Point Park athletic department, and despite the postseason not exactly ending how the Pioneers wanted, it was one all of us will remember.