Strip District shuttles briefly cancelled amidst roadwork

Students appreciate quick notice from administration of cancellation

Written By Hayley Keys, Co-News Editor

This past Saturday, the shuttles that run through the Strip District were canceled due to road work and closures.

The university offers shuttles that run throughout the city both during the week and specifically on weekends. These shuttles offer students an escape from downtown and the opportunity to see different communities in Pittsburgh.

Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs, Keith Paylo said, “the situation was not anything glamorous or complicated.”

Paylo said “that many of the roads leading to the Strip District were closed for construction purposes and the delay in traffic would have affected the shuttle routes.”

“It wasn’t a shuttle related issue, it had no other reason except for construction,” Paylo said. “My understanding of it is that by the time we would get the shuttle to and from the Strip District, it just wouldn’t make any sense for us to try to keep the regular schedule.”

Nola McGuire, a sophomore business administration major, said she thought the shuttles were canceled due to the sinkhole that had swallowed a bus earlier in the week.

“When they announced the shuttle cancelation, I immediately thought about the sinkhole, but then they said it was about the road closures,” McGuire said.

McGuire also mentioned that she appreciated the quick notice from the university because it helped her change her plans for the weekend.

“I was planning on getting lunch with some friends, but then they canceled the shuttles,” McGuire said. “It was nice to have the heads up because I was able to go to the Waterfront on Friday instead.”

Paylo said they worked hard to inform the student body as soon as they decided to cancel the shuttle. He said they were able to give students a week notice in order to fix their plans.

“I thought it was early enough in the week to give everyone a heads up,” Paylo said.

Paylo also mentioned that the shuttle had been seeing increased numbers throughout the semester and he felt that the Strip District was a nice addition to the list of shuttle locations.

“I’ve looked at the numbers and they’ve been pretty good, and I think that it’s been a welcome addition to the shuttle routes,” Paylo said. “It’s someplace where students can get good prices on food and clothing and those different things, and it’s kind of a Pittsburgh tradition.”

The purpose of the shuttles, according to Paylo, is to help students find new spots around the city that they enjoy going to with friends.

“I believe that there are students who have probably gone here for a while, who don’t know about the Strip District,” Paylo said. “Hopefully we are giving them an opportunity to see a cool and unique part of Pittsburgh.”

Paylo said, “the Strip District shuttle will be back up and running next weekend for students who are interested in a weekend trip.”