App helps students with financial plan

Written By Hayley Keys, Co-News Editor

On Nov. 18, George Santucci, the Director of Financial Aid, sent out a mass email to all students explaining that the university had begun a partnership with the app WhichWay.

In the email, Santucci said that the app would “give students direction” when it came to budgeting, financial literacy, setting goals, applying for financial aid and other money related goals or questions. 

According to their website, WhichWay is a free app that helps students make the most out of their college experience when it comes to money. 

The app is a series of modules that help college students become more educated on money and how finances work, both for college and their future after school.

When opening the app, students must login and create an account before working to complete the lessons. It can be accessed both through phone or computer. 

Natalie Wright, a sophomore childhood psychology major, said she was excited about the app and felt that it would be useful for the student body. 

“I know a lot of people don’t know how to do certain financial things and it’s something everyone is going to have to know and learn as they get older,” Wright said. “It’s best to start learning while you’re young and still in school.” 

Lindsay Carson, a senior broadcast reporting major, said she felt overwhelmed by her attempts at budgeting and thought an app would be beneficial. 

“I do not feel great about my ability to budget,” Carson said. “I struggle because I forget about bills sometimes until the day they are due. I’m at the point where I have $5 left in my savings because I messed up budgeting so much this semester.” 

According to Carson, an app would work well because she uses her phone for almost all aspects of her life. 

“I’m always on my phone for both work and entertainment, so it would make my life a lot easier,” Carson said. 

WhichWay is currently available on the app store, and there is login information provided in the mass email. Santucci gave no comment on why the email was sent out or why the university partnered with WhichWay.