2 SGA senators turn in resignation letters

Written By Sarah Gibson, SGA Beat Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) received two letters of resignation this past Monday, one from Senator Mya Jackson and another from Vice Chair of Student Concerns Committee, Cole D’Alicandro. Both senators cited scheduling conflicts as to why they were unable to continue being a part of SGA.

During open floor, Senator Dennis McDermott announced that there was a 19 page letter written by a member of Carnegie Mellon University’s SGA supporting the upholding of student workers’ unions in response to the National Labor Relations Board considering a move to remove student workers’ unions from college campuses. McDermott acknowledged that most senators probably didn’t wish to read the whole letter, but could choose to support it later if they did wish to read it. Instead, President Berlin suggested that he move for SGA to support it at the current meeting during new business, seeing as Senator McDermott noted that the issue was time-sensitive. McDermott agreed. The motion passed with all but four abstentions from the Graduate Student Association (GSA) representatives, who wished to read the letter first, in agreement.

President Pro-Tempore Bryce Hayzlett announced that as the new President Pro-Tempore, he needed everyone’s schedules so he could make a work hours schedule. He noted that at the time of the meeting, he had only received a single email response. He noted to senators that if they wanted their schedules to be the same as last semester, they just had to tell him so he could copy and paste them. All senators who do not respond by Wednesday will be given a random set of hours.

Recording Secretary Jordyn Hronec announced that the dates for the new monthly town hall for SGA members to listen to their constituents had been chosen. The first meeting is scheduled to be Tuesday, Jan. 28, from 6-7 p.m. in the JVH.

Treasurer Laura Draguichu announced that funding for clubs was now open and will be open until next Tuesday at 8 a.m.