Are you ready to join the black parade?

Written By Kylie Thomas, Staff Writer/Photographer

My Chemical Romance is back, and the band has fans joining the Black Parade all over again after playing its first show in seven years in Los Angeles on Dec. 20.


My Chemical Romance is considered a part of the so-called “Emo Trinity.” The band has been inspiring those terrible emo bangs for decades now. The popularity of the band only grew through the years, especially after the members shocked fans when they announced their break-up on Mar. 22. Ever since that point in time, the official break-up date has been mourned as the day all emos lost their favorite band. Though fear no longer Killjoys, the band is back and possibly for good!


The band announced via social media on Halloween that there would be a return at the Shrine Expo Hall in L.A. on Dec. 20. This caused hysteria through the internet as fans of the band rejoiced in the reunion which they never thought would happen. The band then continued to announce four other shows in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Osaka. Other than these foreign shows, no tours or other dates have been announced.


With all of the news, fans had a lot of questions. Why only one show in the United States? Why a reunion now? What will they play? What will their stage personas be like? Will it still be like before the break-up, or will the band be boring and sound bad? And probably the most important question of all is, will My Chemical Romance back for good?


Some of these questions have been blatantly answered, while others have been left a mystery. Needless to say, the return show gave fans a lot of answers.


After almost a month of impatience, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero took the stage once again and gave fans a show like no other. Thanks to dietshampoo on Instagram and a few other users, fans were able to watch a free livestream of the entire show. While it wasn’t the same as being there, the livestream gave fans an opportunity to see all the passion that the band left on stage.


The set-list of the show was both shocking and fulfilling. It covered classics like “Helena” and “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” but also gave some unexpected surprises like “S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W,” “Vampire Money” and “Destroya.” On top of the set-list the band went right back into their old stage personas, giving the crowd their all and putting on a true show. Iero was destroying his guitar, Toro was a bouncing ball full of energy, Mikey Way was rocking out, and best of all, Gerard Way had a smile on his face as he took on his frontman persona. The stream showed that they were all back to doing what they love, performing for their fans.


While the show was amazing, that same big question was left to answer: is the band truly back, and what is next to come?


Fans were given some hints at the band being back by remarks by Gerard Way at the show. Way had repeatedly mentioned that it was “good to be back” and how great the “welcome back” had been. There has also been talk that the Dec. 20 show was a tester for how big of an arena or space the band could play and sell out. On top of this, there has been an unofficial poster for a United States tour floating around social media as well as rumors of new music. Not to mention, the band has been planning this return since 2017, so who knows what’s in store with that much planning.


So, are My Chemical Romance back for the long run? Signs point to yes, but considering the band has given us nothing but surprises, there is no truth to which way this could go. For now, just enjoy the return and stick together Killjoys, there’s going to be a lot more coming in 2020.