Bernie Sanders has supporters despite Clinton’s claims

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Co-News Editor

Recently, Hillary Clinton was asked about Bernie Sanders. “Nobody likes him,” she said, claiming he had no allies in Congress. It’s a bizarre statement to make, especially since many of the current Democratic candidates claim to be friends of his. Elizabeth Warren repeatedly stated that she views him as a friend and ally. Amy Klobuchar cited a bill she worked on with Sanders during the last debate. Pete Buttigieg wrote an essay in college praising Sanders’ consistency and commitment to making the world a better place. So, I wonder where on earth Hillary Clinton gets the notion that “no one likes him.”

One explanation is that she blames him for her loss in 2016, despite him participating more rallies for her than she did for herself in the leadup to the election. But the real explanation: she fears him winning. She represents the very political establishment that Sanders takes on. Clinton knows that Sanders defeating Trump proves just how incompetent she is. America collectively agreed: “you fail the vibe check so much that we’re going to make Donald Trump the president.” Her legacy is nothing but failure, and she has been completely forgotten except for the phrase “just chilling in Cedar Rapids.” My only request is that she stop trying so hard to interject herself into everyone else’s business. Accept your loss and go spend the rest of your life hanging out with Bill, he probably needs someone to talk to seeing as one of his good friends passed away earlier this year.

And another thing: why does she think saying that people in Washington don’t like him will hurt him? Most Americans don’t trust politicians whatsoever, it’s literally what got Donald Trump elected in the first place-he wasn’t a politician. His plan to drain the swamp and end corruption: Did he do that? Obviously not, but that message resonated more with voters than “nothing will fundamentally change.”

Alright, time to bring it full circle here. Hillary says no one likes him. I like him. 73% of Democrats like him. According to a Morning Consult poll, he’s the most liked senator in America. Five million different people donated to his campaign. Maybe Washington doesn’t like Bernie, but the people do. While Hillary Clinton, Neera Tanden, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the political establishment spend their time fighting back and stirring the pot, millions of everyday working-class Americans are ready to fight to get Bernie Sanders in the White House. As the Senator said in his 2015 memoir, “Outside in the White House,” “I have cast some lonely votes, fought some lonely fights, mounted some lonely campaigns, but I do not feel lonely now.”