CAB encourages positivity at start of new year

Written By Lauryn Nania, For The Globe

On  Jan. 6, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) held an event in the Lawrence Hall lobby titled “New Year, Better You” with numerous activities to welcome students to the new year filled with positivity.

“The event is essentially to leave negatives in 2019, bring in good vibes for 2020, you know, kind of have a fresh start for the new semester,” Shelby Armetta, sophomore business management major and CAB Special Events Coordinator, said.

The Lawrence Hall lobby was filled with tables that held different interactive stations, all of which tied into the theme of positivity.

“I really just want students to come here and have a good refresh, and feel good for the rest of the semester,” junior sports, arts and entertainment (SAEM) major and CAB Spirit and Traditions Coordinator Nicole Lakovic said.

Students had the opportunity to decorate reusable water bottles and travel mugs with upbeat themed stickers and create custom-message bead bracelets. One activity encouraged students to write something they wish to leave in 2019 and tear the paper into shreds to symbolize it will remain in the past. Bullet journaling was another activity that allowed students to transform a blank piece of journal paper into something vibrant and positive to keep for themselves or give to others.

Lakovic explained how each activity was supposed to be reminiscent of new year goals.

“We have the bullet journaling where with that we wanted it to be like creating a schedule or planner—really get your head right for the semester,” Lakovic said. “Then for the water bottles, it can be inspo for going to the gym.”

Students took a brief intermission on the first day of the new semester by immersing themselves into the activities of “New Year, Better You,” they discussed how they plan to better themselves in 2020.

“I think just putting more focus on myself, focusing on my own problems, trying to put in a more positive attitude on everything that I do, and not put myself down,” sophomore performances and practices major Emily Stofan said.

Sophomore marketing and sales major Divine Kennedy discussed her 15 minute addition to her morning routine to positively impact her new year.

“It’s five minutes of praying, five minutes of reading the Word and then five minutes of writing,” Kennedy said.  “I’m also trying to notice positive words about myself, like saying them constantly about myself, so I just like to document that down.”

Armetta explained that during CAB’s spring training, the members discussed goals for 2020 to help better the organization.

Armetta said that a large goal for CAB is to work with other student organizations. Since CAB is one of the largest student organizations at Point Park, she said that working with other groups could possibly give them more exposure.

“I personally, for one of my events, would want to partner with another student organization, like, focusing more on those niche groups and smaller clubs, and getting them more recognition or maybe more members,” Armetta said.