Pioneer Public – Daisy Allebach


Photo by Daisy Allebach

Written By Sarah Gibson, Co-Opinions Editor

“Kids these days know how to whip and Nay Nay, but do they know how to bless and pray pray?”

[email protected] Daisy on TikTok

To Point Park students, she’s Daisy Allebach, a junior performance and practices major, but the internet knows her as Uncledaisy, a TikTok user with 30,000 followers on the app. Tiktok is an app very similar to the once popular Vine. Users can post videos using their own audio or lip sync to someone else’s song. What makes Daisy remarkable is how many followers she has amassed in such a short period of time. Daisy only started making TikToks in February of 2019.

“I made it to like posts, and lurk on my brother’s friends accounts, because he was like ‘My friends are all making TikToks. I want to watch them,’ so I was like ‘I’ll get an account for you.’” She said.

Daisy describes the TikToks she makes as “bad.” Daisy likes making TikToks about what she describes as “Weeb stuff,” or anime. She posts often about “My Hero Academia” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures,” both shows she watches with her roommate.

The first TikTok of Daisy’s that became popular was a joke about theatre kids going to diners set to a mashup of an 8 bit version of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and the opening of “Hooked on a Feeling.”

Daisy recalls the first time she was recognized in public as “The worst day of [her] life”

“I was going to see my brother at his one act and these two freshmen from his high school, these little tiny babies, they’re just like ‘Are you from TikTok?’ and I was like, ‘I’m about to go into the witness protection program.’”

Daisy said that the biggest thing to come from her TikTok fame is finding herself on a TikTok compilation while watching a compilation of “TikToks with Vine energy” with her roommate. While she has found herself in several TikTok compilations, she notes that she is disappointed that she hasn’t made it into any “cringe compilations” yet.

Daisy’s approach on making TikToks has changed through her time on the app, as she attests.

“I used to be so ‘I don’t wanna do this it’s cringy.’ but now, it’s like ‘I am going to [make a] post on anime for 28 thousand people and they’re going to like it.’”

Once she graduates, Daisy is looking to move to New York after staying at home for a little while, but she states that, if faced with the right circumstances, she’d be willing to be a professional TikToker.

“If I had the clout for that, I absolutely would,” she said.